Blogging Strategy Part 2

11 Aug


What would I like to achieve from this blogging activity?

  1. A good image to the viewers out there by putting out blogs which cover important realistic ideas.If I do not have a broad knowledge of what’s happening around me, this may be hard and boring to the readers, as I may be repeating every week of what I’ve written. I’ll try to avoid this.
  2. Receive feedback and comments on my blogs (positive ones if possible)Well, this again links to what I’ve actually written – if I wrote something unimportant (I don’t know.. the way I sleep?) then I may not get a feedback, let alone a positive one. So this will be affected by point one.
  3. Broaden my knowledge by reading other blogger’s postsThis is where it gets interesting. I value what people write, especially if it’s eye-catching and interesting. This is also what I plan to do with my blogs, otherwise no one will read mine. So, I will definitely achieve more understanding and knowledge of maybe some topics that I am not interested in from other people via blogs.
What should I do to achieve the purpose of my blogging?
  • First of all, I will definitely read the weekly activity so I know I’m in the right direction as to WHAT I’m suppose to write. Otherwise, I’ll miss the point completely.
  • Secondly, I will need to do a search and read about the weekly activity topic (obviously) to ensure that I understand what I need to do and write.
  • Thirdly, I will try to make it as interesting as possible i.e. video posting, pictures, music, etc. and to take advantage of all the features that wordpress provide (not overdoing it of course)
  • Last but not least, be very conscious of how I write. This is vital, as downgrading, swearing, all those baddies will not get me anywhere. Rather, it will probably get me banned or ‘kicked out’ of the blogging community. Definitely don’t want anything like this happening:
Just looking at the Top Posts from WordPress, this blog is very interesting:
In this topic that Steven wrote, it addresses the issue of how LinkedIn has set accounts to let them use our details (i.e. photos!!) for third party advertising. This is one example of the many posts he has put up on his blog – simple yet it provides lots of useful information.
This blog now is a bit more ‘heavier’ to read (in my opinion), as it discusses what is happening with our climate, world, and how we are affecting this. Not only does it provide useful information, it also provides solid hard facts in which we need to take into account.
Well, that should be it for now!
Hope all of you have a good read and enjoy the week/end.
P.S. Ekka’s Coming!!
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